Aeron Carbon Windsurfing Booms

Aeron Carbon Windsurfing Booms
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The ultimate boom

For those demanding perfection


Carbon booms are often overlooked by recreational windsurfers, deterred by prices up to triple that of an alloy equivalent. They can bee seen as a luxury item for freeride, especially in the smaller sizes but for racers seeking maximum rig efficiency they’re a crucial piece of kit- especially in the larger sizes where even the best alloy booms flex considerably. They are also an amazing addition for wave quiver as they are extremely light and super tough when getting rumbled in the surf. 

Aeron Carbon Wave

Sizes & Prices: 140-£549, 150-£599

With the slimmest grip diameter on the market, the Slim pre-preg boom range offers the best balance between, comfort, stiffness and durability. The wide profile tail not only introduces a new “look” but more importantly, increases rig control and minimizes over sheeting. The integrated stainless cleat housing is almost invisible existing only to provide its primary function .

Aeron Carbon Slalom

Sizes & Prices: 180-£599, 200-£799, 230-£869

The Pre-Preg Slalom and race booms continue with the proven curves. With improved weight and stiffness, the booms also feature an ergonomic grip area and oversized back that greatly enhances boom stiffness . The “square look” back end further improves general feel of the rig.

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