Aeron MCT 26 Windsurfing Booms

Aeron MCT 26 Windsurfing Booms
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Monocoque Technology narrow diameter


Light weight and exceptionally comfortable, the MCT-26 is the most popular boom across all windsurfing disciplines. It appeals to almost all windsurfers (even many with large hands!) with a comfortable and controllable narrow diameter grip, particularly suited to manoeuvre-oriented sailing.

The MCT-26 is more than tough enough for heavy duty use but heavier riders using their booms in punishing conditions may prefer the MCT-29, with the wider diameter arms offering a slight edge in terms of stiffness and strength.

The 175-225 model, with longer boom arms, is 26mm diameter in the forward area and tapered to a wider diameter in the tail for added stiffness. 

With the introduction of the New Aeron Boom front to the MCT range, it will be near to impossible to make any further improvements to these booms.  The new boom head has seen much appraisal in the market following its introduction on the Carbon range.  The wider mast cup gives the ultimate flex – stiffness ratio at the boom – mast connection with zero slippage in all conditions. 

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