Crewing to win by Andy Hemmings - Book

Crewing to win by Andy Hemmings
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The crew of a racing yacht is as important as the helsman.

Indeed, if you master the techniques in this book you should be able to take your pick of boats and helmsmen. Winning begins in the mind, and Andy Hemmings first shows; you how to set realistic goals and get your attitude right. He then demonstrates how to set up the boat so you can work it efficiently, and how to get it fit for the job. The bulk of the book covers the technical aspects of crewing, with each manoeuvre examined in detail and explained in words and photosequences. Finally Andy looks at the crew's responsibilities in a race and when sailing a series. This book covers all the major classes, plus the new breed of twin-wire boats with asymmetric kites. It could take you from club sailor to World Champion, and even to an Olympic medal. THE SERIES The Sail To Win books cover every aspect of competitive sailing. Written by world class sailors and coaches, they are designed to take a competent sailor through the 'club racer' barrier to compete successfully in international fleets.

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